Exchange Workshop -European projects on safety for cross-domain applications

January 31st, 2012 (14h-18h) - Toulouse, France
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Several European projects address safety certification/qualification for cross domain applications. Although each of these projects has its own specific goals, it seems clear that cross fertilization potential between those projects is important hence our suggestion to meet together.

CG2E and CISEC hope you will be interested in this opportunity to meet, share and set up appropriate means coordination means for best synergy and efficiency.

The date and location of the meeting (Toulouse, France, January 31st 2012) are chosen to benefit from the expected presence of several interested potential participants because of the ERTS-2012 Conference starting the day after in the same town (ERTS-2012, February 1-3 2012, Toulouse, France,

Due to organisational reasons, the meeting participation is by invitation, through your project representatives and contact persons indicated below.


CESAR (Cost Efficient methods and processes for Safety Relevant embedded systems) is a JU ARTEMIS project (03/2009-06/2012) gathering 50+ partners from academia, technology and industry in 5 application domains of safety relevant embedded systems (automotive, aviation, industrial automation, railway and space). The objectives are to elaborate common processes, methods and tools integrated in a common "Reference Technology Platform". Close to its end at the date of the proposed meeting, CESAR will be pleased to present and propose its achievements and results, including "intermediate results" such as notably a common glossary and a common meta-model.

OPENCOSS (Open Platform for EvolutioNary Certification Of Safety-critical Systems) will devise a common certification framework that spans different vertical markets for railway, avionics and automotive industries, and establish an open-source safety certification infrastructure. The strategy is to focus on a compositional and evolutionary certification approach with the capability to reuse safety arguments, safety evidence, and contextual information about system components, in a way that makes certification more cost-effective, precise, and scalable. OPENCOSS is a FP7 project gathering 17 partners form academia, technology and industry.

pSafeCer (pSafety Certification of software-intensive systems with reusable components) is a JU ARTEMIS project gathering 23 partners from academia, technology and industry in 3 application domains of safety relevant embedded systems (automotive, avionics and railway). A primary objective is to provide support for system safety arguments based on arguments and properties of system components as well as to provide support for generation of corresponding evidence in a similar compositional way. By providing support for efficient reuse of certification and stronger links between certification and development, component reuse will be facilitated, and by providing support for reuse across domains the amount of components available for reuse will increase dramatically.

MBAT (Combined Model-Based Analysis and Testing of Embedded Systems) is an ARTEMIS 3-year project with 39 partners from 8 countries, which started November 1st, 2011. MBAT will provide Europe with a new leading-edge Reference Technology Platform (RTP) for effective and cost-reducing validation and verification, focussing primarily on the transportation domain (automotive, aerospace, rail), but also to be used in further domains. Developed by European industrial key players (large companies and SMEs) in this domain and supported by leading research partners, this MBAT RTP will be of high value for the European industry, providing very effective means to assure utmost quality embedded systems at reduced costs. With this, MBAT will also strongly support the EU vision of zero traffic fatalities by 2020.In addition, the MBAT RTP will be connected to other ARTEMIS RTPs (e.g. the CESAR and SafeCer RTP) to extend these platforms pursuing the ARTEMIS goal to provide a European RTP for the development of (critical) Embedded Systems.

SAFE (Safe Automotive soFtware architEcture) is an ITEA2 project (07/2011-06/2014) gathering 18 partners from industry and academia in the domain of safety relevant embedded systems for automotive applications. The project objectives are based on three pillars. First main objective is to enhance existing techniques to be able to reach the ISO26262 (automotive application of IEC 61508) process in the context of model based development of E/E-architectures in vehicles or sub-systems of vehicles. Second, an open source technology platform will be implemented. A third part of the work specifies an assessment procedure for functional safety, which accompanies the development process until safety validation, also taking into account the collaboration of OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.


The meeting will take place on January 31st, afternoon (14h-18h).

Each participant project will get a 30’ slot for a brief presentation of the project and a description of its view on material to exchange (available for others, expected from others, or to be elaborated or improved by complementary work with others).

14h00-14h30: CG2E

14h30-15h00: CESAR

15h00-15h30: MBAT

15h30-16h00: OpenCOSS

16h00-16h15: Coffee Break

16h15-16h45: pSafeCer

16h45-17h15: SAFE

17h15-18h00: Discussion, Actions



The meeting will take place in


2, rue Charles Carmichel

31000 Toulouse, France

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CG2E is a French informal club grouping specialists of certification/qualification in various domains such as Aeronautics, Space, Railway, Industrial Automation, Nuclear Energy and Automotive. We meet every other month, is to share and compare experience with certification/qualification practices and its results are published in conferences and a book under preparation.

CISEC (“Club Inter-associations des Systèmes Embarqués Critiques”), funded by three associations (SEE, 3AF and SIA), organises seminars and various events to promote activities in critical embedded systems, principally in the south-west of France within the Aerospace Valley Competitiveness Cluster (


For OPENCOSS and pSafeCer please contact Cyrille Comar ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

For any other project, please contact Jean-Paul Blanquart ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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